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    Parkinson's Patient Care Service in Kolkata and Burdwan

    Parkinson's Patient Care Service

    In this disease patients can live a normal life with proper medication and treatment.
    It is a degenerative disease of the nervous system in which dopamine deficiency occurs because of the destruction of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra in the midbrain.
    - it usually occurs in old age.
    Symptoms - tremors and muscles weakness are the common Symptoms of this disease.

    Dementia care service in Kolkata and Burdwan

    Dementia Care Service

    This is a group of symptoms that commonly include problems with memory, thinking, language and perception. This is caused by nerve cells loss. It's a progressive condition and in this case, symptoms gradually get worse. Because when a nerve cell dies, it can't usually be replaced. When more and more cells die, the brain starts to shrink.
    Symptoms- Experiencing memory loss, poor judgment, and confusion are common symptoms of this disease.
    But having a memory loss issue by itself doesn't mean that you have this disease. Dementia is common in very elderly people, it is not part of normal ageing.
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